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Illuminating & Brightening AHA Peeling Mask 15 ml

15 ml / 0.51 oz
€12.00 Loyal customer price€10.80
800€ / 1000ml

Travel size rejuvenating peeling mask with AHA fuit acids to gently exfoliate, smooth, brighten and illuminate skin.

AHA fruit acids of bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon gently exfoliate and rid skin of dead skincells to promote a smoother, younger looking and luminous skin.

Serenoa palm and juniper berry extracts have anti-bacterial properties and help to minimize the visibility of pores.

Licorice extract soothes and calms irritated skin.

Organic shea butter and sunflower oil hydrate and help skin to retain its moisture level.

When to use the Illuminating and Brightening AHA Peeling Mask?

  • The skin has signs of aging – fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skintone, pigment spots, etc.

Exfoliating with AHA acids peels away dead skincells to bring out a smooth, more youthful skin. It also smooths lines and wrinkles and helps to even skintone and lighten pigment spots.

  •  Dull, lifeless skin

AHA acids have skin brightening, illuminating and complexion improving benefits.

  •   Problem, acne prone skin.

AHA peeling mask exfoliates and cleanses gently and has anti-inflammatory properties. Mechanical exfoliation is not recommended for acne prone skin, so acid peel is an ideal solution.

Regular exfoliation helps skin to be brighter, smoother and more youthful. It also prepares skin for active ingredients found in skincare products. A smoother skin surface also provides a better canvas for make-up.

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