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We believe that natural and efficient, sustainable and luxurious can go hand in hand.


We work hard to make sure our products and production are sustainable, environmentally friendly and safe to use.

We believe that transparency and honesty is the basis for all – that is also the reason we have opened our doors to independent certification.

JOIK Organic range is a skin care range of more than 70 products and is the first Estonian brand whose products are certified by Ecocert under the COSMOS standard. (COSMOS – Cosmetic Organic Standard)

The COSMOS-standard defines the criteria that companies must meet to ensure consumers that their products are genuine organic or natural cosmetics produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices.

The COSMOS-standard is guided by four core principles.

  •        Promoting the use of products from organic agriculture, and respecting biodiversity;
  •        Using natural resources responsibly, and respecting the environment.
  •        Using processing and manufacturing that are clean and respectful of human health and the environment.
  •        Integrating and developing the concept of “green chemistry”

The COSMOS-standard covers in detail all aspects of the sourcing, manufacture, marketing and control of cosmetic products, including:

  •        Origin and processing of ingredients
  •        Composition of total product
  •        Storage, manufacturing and packaging
  •        Environmental management
  •        Labelling and communication
  •        Inspection, certification and control

We have chosen Ecocert Greenlife as our certification board — the largest and best known independent certification board in Europe and one of the most respected worldwide.


COSMOS offers two signatures for cosmetic products - COSMOS ORGANIC and COSMOS NATURAL.

The COSMOS ORGANIC signature is available for products that comply with the COSMOS-standard in all respects and in addition also contain the required percentages of organic ingredients as specified in the COSMOS-standard:

  •        At least 95% of the physically processed agro-ingredients must be organic;
  •        At least 20% of the total product must be organic.

By exception, for rinse-off products, non-emulsified aqueous products, and products

with at least 80% minerals or ingredients of mineral origin, at least 10% of the total

product must be organic.

Please take into account that water and mineral ingredients like sea salt can never be calculated as organic. So even if important in a formula – for exaple all body lotions contain a significant amount of water – it is not calculated in the organic %.

The exact precentage of organic ingredients used is marked on the packaging of each product and also in the ingredients section of each product on our web-page.

The COSMOS NATURAL signature is available for products that comply with the COSMOS-standard in all respects but do not meet the required minimum organic percentages as specified in the COSMOS-standard.

The COSMOS-standard signature is a consumer guarantee for organic and natural cosmetics that you can trust. So look for the logo on the product packaging!

You can read more on COSMOS standard here:



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