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Could this be this year’s best corporate gift?

Every year before holidays many company leaders, assistants or customer service managers find themselves wondering what to give as gifts to colleagues, clients or partners. Everything has been done already. There’s already an array of corporate t-shirts, pens and cups with company logo on it and they’re ending up in goodwill or trash, because how many cups does a person need? And then there are the people receiving those gifts. We can only imagine the distress of people working on such positions, who are in a habit of getting gifts. Another pen or calendar! Both are very useful items but we only need one calendar for a whole year.


Maybe something new this year?

What if this year you were to surprise your people with a more original gift from JOIK selection? many people are probably unaware that we can add company logo or message to many different JOIK products. Be it skin nurturing cosmetic products or great-smelling candles or home fragrances.      


Fragrance diffusers

Fragrance diffusers are a great gift to be used either in home or in an office. All our diffusers and room perfumes are packed in a beautiful box, which can be completed with personalized company message. Plus, this year we will be bringing out a very holiday-scented room diffuser, which should bring holiday spirit into every home and office.

Scented candles

Premium quality natural wax candles with very true aromas make a very universal gift, especially during holiday season. Company logo or message can be added to the candles and they can be packed in a beautiful gift box. We have various great examples of very personalized solutions. For example, a coffee brand gifted their partners coffee-scented candles, flower shop found a perfect flower-scented candle and berry farm found an ideal berry candle. If you want a bit more luxurious gift, our candle trios are a great choice. We have three options - romantic, winter and spring collection. Gift box sleeve can be customized for your company.

Cosmetics’ gift boxes

Or maybe this year you should gift great-smelling skin-care products? Cosmetic products are a surprising option and always find good use both by women as well as men. Believe it or not, but we’ve even had a company with completely male work force order cosmetic bags with men’s body and facial care products as Christmas gifts. Because men and their skin also need nurturing and care. You can find an option from our ready-made gift boxes or combine your own. Cosmetic products can be packed in a beautiful gift box or in a stylish black cosmetic bag, which we have in two sizes. Both box and cosmetic bag can be personalized with a sleeve with your company info on it.


JOIK + TVJ treasure candle

If you really like your colleagues or have really great female clients, you should consider getting them most precious gift of the year - JOIK & Tanel Veenre limited edition treasure candle “Beautiful life”. A natural wax candle with a captivating and addictive feminine scent that combines bright floral notes with fruits and subtle spices hides a perfect little treasure - a sterling silver jewellery from Tanel Veenre's mythical creatures collection. Can you imagine how special one might feel, getting a corporate gift which smells amazing and keeps on giving, because the silver jewel will be revealed when burning the candle. Who wants to earn the title of best boss ever or have some really satisfied clients before heading into year 2021?

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