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March is environment month at JOIK


This year we have declared March as environment and sustainability month at JOIK. We turn even more attention to sustainable behaviour and environment-friendly solutions. We talk about what we have already done, what our plans are and what each and every one of us can do to be more sustainable. 


New life for candle glasses


For several years already we’ve selected one month, where we make it especially easy for clients to return their empty JOIK candle glasses to us. This year we’re doing it in March. All the christmas candles are probably burned by now and we cannot wait to refill the glasses. We are encouraging people to return empty and clean glasses both to our factory store and to several of our partners in various towns in Estonia. If you return more than 5 glasses you will be rewarded with JOIK Organic travel size BB lotion. You can also send the glass into recycling by taking it to glass recycling container.




Glass as material can basically be endlessly recycled, which makes it a very environmentally friendly option.  That is why in addition to candles we have chosen glass packaging also for our facial products, deodorants, bath salts and -milks, scented beads, room perfumes, diffusers and their refills. In addition to being environmentally friendly option, glass is also great for keeping the quality of essential oils. Please return empty JOIK glass packages to certified recycling containers. You can also bring them to our factory store and we’ll make sure they are properly recycled.  




Refills make sense


You know the feeling when you finish a product but the package is still beautiful and functional. We do. That’s why we have created refill solutions for many of our products. Home fragrance refill bottle fills 2 diffusers. Our scented wooden beads are sustainable on their own as they are made of wood residue from furniture production.

And now you can use them even longer by rescenting the beads from refill bottle. You can also buy loose bath salts and milks from our factory store or e-store, we pack them into paper bag so you can pour them into glass jar at home. Our newest addition to refills are hand wash foams. From the 500 ml bottle you can fill your hand wash foam bottle 2 times. We are constantly thinking of more solutions for refills and there will surely be more news on that matter. 





Try the new JOIK Raspberry Bon Bon hand foam, which was recently awarded by Anne and Stiil Beauty magazine.


Multifunctional products


If you like less clutter in your cosmetic bag, you probably appreciate if one product can serve several purposes. We have mindfully created many multifunctional products. Take, for instance, our superbalm for face and lips, which can be used as nourishing cream, lip balm, cuticle care and even to smooth and correct your eyebrows. Similarly multi-purpose product is our body butter stick, which acts as lip balm, cream, sunburn relief and is also great for giving fresh look to tattoos. Multifunctionality was also an important factor when we created our make-up line. So, our lip oils add some shine to your lips while nourishing them. Our 3in1 make-up stick can be used on cheeks, lips and eyelids. Liquid eyeshadow can be also used as vibrant liner. We’re pretty sure our smart customers have found more ingenious uses for some of our products and we’d love to hear about them. 



Sustainability in JOIK office and production

  • Large majority of our ingredients either come from organic farming or follow the concept of green chemistry.
  • We use green energy both in production as well as in our office.
  • We aim to use ingredients coming from close range to diminish our economical footprint from transportation. That’s why we started using rape seed wax instead of soy wax.
  • We have stopped using palm oil in our products and for the ingredients, where palm oil is one of its derivates, it’s RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) ingredient.
  • Our products are cruelty free. We have never tested on animals and vast majority of our products are vegan. The few animal derived ingredients like goat milk or bees’ wax have been produced without the animals suffering.
  • We use water and electric energy sustainably and will do even more so in our new production and office facility, which is built with most modern sustainable energy solutions.
  • We aim to use packaging made from easily recyclable and reusable materials, or recycled and responsibly resourced materials.
  • We avoid overpackaging and whenever possible use minimal or package free solutions. We reuse packaging, especially for product transport.
  • You can find Green Dot marking on our products, meaning we have entered into agreement with ETO, ensuring control over collecting and recycling packaging materials. 


  • We reduce filling material usage and aim to use environmental-friendly options.
  • Whenever possible we use logistics services that aim to reduce the CO2 footprint.
  • We aim to diminish waste and follow a strict waste-management programme to sort and recycle materials.
  • We use only mild and environmentally friendly cleansing products.

  • As much as possible we avoid printing out materials. We do not add unnecessary invoices to our customers. 



Together towards sustainability


Here are some small steps and ideas we can all implement to make the world a little bit more sustainable. Why not start in March all together?

  • Let’s try and run some day-to-day errands by walking instead of by car. In addition to this being environmental-friendly it’s also a healthy choice.
  • Let’s do a monthly digital cleanup and delete all unnecessary files, photos and videos.
  • Let’s drink tap water and not buy bottled water. Tap water is tasty and healthy in Estonia, no need for all that extra packaging.
  • Sorting your rubbish is elementary, but let’s try to not create that much rubbish at all. Let’s say no to everything single-use. Let’s bring our own tote bag to the store; let’s not buy any take-away drinks or use our own thermos for them; let’s try to not order in food or at least use multi-use packaging. 


Here’s a list of our partners where you can return your empty and clean JOIK candle glasses during March.


Tallinna Kaubamaja

Kauplus Tradehouse Nautica

Kauplus Tradehouse Peterburi mnt

Kauplus Apelsin Rocca Al Mare

Kauplus Apelsin Ülemiste

Kauplus Apelsin Kristiine

Kauplus ILU Kristiine Keskus

Kauplus ILU Ülemiste Keskus

Kauplus ILU Rocca Al Mare keskus


Tartu Kaubamaja

Kauplus Tradehouse Kvartali

Kauplus Apelsin Lõunakeskus

Kauplus ILU Lõunakeskus


Kauplus Tradehouse Port Artur

Kauplus Apelsin Pärnu Keskus

Kauplus ILU Pärnu Keskus


Kauplus Apelsin Vaala Keskus


Kauplus Tradehouse Astri Keskus

+ JOIK factory store at Tänassilma tee 27, Saku vald, Harjumaa


Check out the new refills HERE




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