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Sustainable JOIK


All our products are cruelty free and 98% of our products are vegan. We have never tested our products on animals and we do not sell in countries, that still demand animal testing.

Respect for the environment and sustainability have always been our priorities and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our practices and minimize the impact on the environment.

Some examples of our actions towards sustainability and social responsibility:

Ingredients & packaging:

  • A large majority of our ingredients either come from organic farming or follow the concept of green chemistry.
  • We aim to use packaging made from easily recycable and reusable materials,orrecycled and responsibly resourced materials.
  • We avoid overpackaging and whenever possible use minimal or package free solutions.
  • We reuse packaging, especially for product transport.

Production and office:

  • We aim to diminish waste and follow a strict waste-management programme to sort and recycle materials.
  • We use green energyboth in production as well as in our office.
  • We use only mild and environmentally friendly cleansing products.
  • We use water and electric energy sustaonably.
  • As much as possible we avoid printing out materials. If possible, we use double-sided printing.


  • We re-use ingredients’ carton boxes for transport of our products.
  • We reduce filling material usage and aim to use environmental-firendly options.
  • Whenever possible we use logistics services that aim to reduce the CO2 footprint.

Marketing & customer communication:

  • We encourage our customers to consume responsibly, recycle and reuse our packaging. Our candle glasses can be returned to us to be reused either to our store or during our yearly campaign to several our partners.
  • We’re constantly working towards offering more package-free and refill options both through our own sales channels and in cooperation with our sales partners.
  • To encourage smarter consumption we are offering several multipurpose cosmetic products.


We are active in social projects and charity initiatives. Our main focus groups are women and children (projects promoting female and young entrepreneurship initiatives, projects supporting and councelling victims of domestic violence, projects and support for childrens’ hospitals, etc.)




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