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Facial care combo Sunny complexion

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Facial care set „Sunny complexion“ includes products ideal for achieving beautiful and even sunny complexion.

Set includes: Sunless Tan Facial Drops, Exfoliating facial Scrub and Moisturising Day Cream.

1. A cream-based exfoliating scrub eliminates dead skin cells, stimulates skin renewal and brings out a smoother, younger looking skin. Regular exfoliation once to twice a week helps skin to renew and regenerate and prepares the skin for better absorbtion of nutritional ingredients from other facial care products.

2. A moisture-intensive formula provides deep and lasting hydration, absorbs quickly leaving skin soft and velvety. A unique plant derived skin-identical moisture complex binds to skin surface like a magnet, locking in moisture and strengthening skin’s natural defences to prevent further dehydration and itchiness.

3. Sunless tan facial drops are developed to be combined with your usual skin care products to add a gradual, natural-looking self-tanning effect to all the hydrating, anti-aging and firming actions of your usual day and night creams.

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