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Advent Calendar 2021

€109.65 €129.00 -15%

Order JOIK advent calendar with an discount until October 20th.

We will start posting the calendars after October 27th.

NB! If you order other JOIK products together with calendar, we will send those out also after 27th. 

This year JOIK advent calendar cover is a painting called „Abundance“ by Estonian artist Katrin Karu. The painting was created in Abu Dhabi and was inspired by the bright lights and abundance there.

JOIK advent calendar will turn your December mornings into an adventure. The calendar is filled with most populaar products both from JOIK Organic and Home & Spa selection. For the first time this year you will find some make-up products among the selection, which will be added to JOIK product selection next year.

Katrin Karu has studied art and advertising at Tallinn University and she worked in advertising for a long time. Her career as an artist really took off in 2012. Her structural and large sized paintings gained popularity fast and have ended up on the walls of private collectors in Estonia, Germany, France, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Hilton Tallinn Park hotel.


Luxurious advent calendar holds 24 different products from JOIK Organic and JOIK Home & Spa range


JOIK Organic Sun Defence Päikesekaitsekreem SPF 25 15 ml

JOIK Organic Sunless Tan Isepruunistuv kehakreem keskmine 15 ml

JOIK Organic Intiimpesuvaht 50 ml

JOIK Organic Värskendav ja lõõgastav magneesiumi jalasprei 30 ml

JOIK Organic Kiiresti imenduv kätekreem 15 mll

JOIK Organic Tooniv huuleõli Berry Beautiful 10 ml

JOIK Organic Valgustpeegeldav meigipulk Nude Shimmer 7 ml

JOIK Organic BB kreem hele 10 ml

JOIK Organic Roosi iluvesi 30 ml

JOIK Organic Kooriv näokreem 15 ml

JOIK Organic Kolm ühes meigipulk Blushing Pink 7 ml

JOIK Organic Pehmendav ja deoderiseeriv magneesiumi jalakreem 15 ml

JOIK Organic Kirgastav ja kooriv AHA näomask 15 ml

JOIK Organic Kehakoorija kohvi ja suhkruga 75 ml

JOIK Organic Magusa apelsini ja mündi kehaõli 30 ml

JOIK Organic Siidine näoseerum 10 ml

JOIK Organic Näopuhastusvaht 50 ml

JOIK Home & Spa Apelsini & kaneeli vannitrühvlid 30 gr

JOIK Home & Spa Puidust lõhnakuulid La Boheme

JOIK Home & Spa Lõhnastatud puidust kuuseehe

JOIK Home & Spa Puuvillane helkuriga ostukott

JOIK Home & Spa Rapsivahast lõhnaküünal Caffe Crema

JOIK Home & Spa Rapsivahast lõhnaküünal Ilus elu

JOIK Home & Spa Õuna ja leedriõie kehapalsam 75 ml
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