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Celebrating JOIK 15th birthday with limited edition collection by Tanel Veenre

Celebrating JOIK 15th birthday with limited edition collection by Tanel Veenre

15 years ago Eva-Maria Õunapuu poured the first soy wax candles and JOIK brand was born. In 15 years one woman’s dream has blossomed into internationally recognized brand with wide product range, loved both in birth country Estonia, as well as in many export countries.

Collaboration with Estonian artists

Seven years ago we started a new tradition and since then we’ve each year brought out a limited edition product or range in collaboration with a famous Estonian artist, designer or illustrator. We started off with single products, then, for three years, we issued an advent calendar with 24 products. When we started we were one of the few cosmetic brands to have an advent calendar. In year 2020 it became obvious that the idea has run it’s course and we have to come up with something new and exciting to surprise our customers.

Entering the world of Tanel Veenre Jewellery

For years we’ve admired Tanel Veenre’s signature style and we ourselves have been wearing his jewels. So we decided to team up and a truly original limited edition called „Treasure hunt“ was born. This time it’s not only about the design of gift boxes but we’re also making the best of TVJ silver jewellery.

Three diferent gift boxes - something for every taste


The collection with beautiful design by Tanel veenre holds three different gift boxes: candle trio „Treasure hunt“ where in every 30th box a silver jewel treasure is hidden;  treasure candle „Beutiful life“ with one beautiful TVJ jewel inside; and JOIK 15 bestseller gift box with six bestselling JOIK Organic products.

JOIK 15 candle collection TREASURE HUNT: The box includes three natural wax scented candles (Night, Beautiful Life and Sweet dreams). Every 30th candle collection holds a sterling silver jewel by TVJ.

JOIK 15 bestseller gift box: this box holds real treasures – bestselling JOIK Organic products. 3 full size and 3 travel size products from JOIK Organic range.

JOIK 15 TREASURE CANDLE „Beautiful life": a natural wax candle with a captivating and addictive feminine scent that combines bright floral notes with fruits and subtle spices hides a perfect little treasure - a sterling silver jewellery from Tanel Veenre's mythical creatures collection.


JOIK 15th Anniversary special edition gift-boxes are designed by beloved Estonian jewellery and fashion designer Tanel Veenre. Tanel Veenre's jewellery and fashion creation draws strenght from the world of fairy tales, mysticism and dreams. These fairy-tale like creatures of beetles, seashells and seahorses have also found their way into design specially created for JOIK limited edition gift-boxes.





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